Sportshorts Extreme Performance Donaci

Sportshorts are made by Donaci in a sustainable and environmentalfriendly way from the new revolutionary fabrics: Extreme performance.
Donaci Extreme Performance for sportshorts is made from recycled coffeegrounds and has 9 functions:

* UNSTINKABLE (even after 4 weeks of intensive sports without washing)
* fastdrying (5 x faster than dry-fit)
* breathing (5 x better than dry-fit)
* antibacterial (bacterias don`t get a chance to grow)
* sweat whicking (5 x better than dry-fit)
* UV-resistant (recycled coffeegrounds have a UV resistant function)
* cooling (recycled coffeegrounds have a cooling function)
* comfortable (soft and perfect fit)
* environmentalfriendly (100% gerecycled coffeepads)

From each sold sportshort Donaci supports Charity with 1,50 euro

Sportshirts are very popular for all shorts

Donaci makes sportshorts for all sports, in extreme Performance but also in microfiber, microfiber elasthan, Italian lycra and polyester